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May 2018:

Goose Rocks Beach Title Trial Decision articles:

Professor Delogu's Book :  Articles on Professor Delogu's book and attempt to get the Moody Beach decisions from the 1980's over-turned:

Seaweed Case article:

May 2017:  Happy Ending Regarding Access to Cedar Beach!

March 15, 2017:
Feb 21, 2017:
Nov 8 2016:
Oct 9 2016:

[Synopsis:  A victory for beach access in Harpswell Maine.  Although the specifics of this case differ from Moody Beach in that the Cedar Beach case was regarding using a beach entrance to a beach that the public has access to, many of the approaches used here to gain access are the same as approaches that could be used at Moody Beach.]

June 2016:  Wells Oceanfront Property Deeds Investigated for Beach Ownership

[Synopsis:  Laudholm Farm and the Town of Wells commissioned a study into the historical deeds of oceanfront properties in the Town of Wells as pertained to beach ownership.  Beach ownership only applies if the beach was legally owned in the first place and then passed along to oceanfront owners through purchases or conveyances over the years.  Investigating historical deeds is one of the approaches that can improve beach access (as listed on the Improving Access page.)  This news clip/article talks about this effort and the presentation that was occurring on the subject at Laudholm Farm on June 15.  Much more information can be found in the links section of this page below (Part 5 of the Beach Ownership Series put on by Laudholm Farm).]

May 2016:  Recent Court Actions on Local Beach Access Cases

[Synopsis:  Several appeals in cases involving prescriptive easements to gain/maintain beach access.  Court rulings  involving prescriptive easements only directly apply to the specific beaches of each particular case, but they can give indications of how beach access efforts involving prescriptive easements will fare in the future......  Also note that recent valiant efforts to get the courts(in some of the cases listed above and also in the Gooserocks Beach case), to expand the allowable beach activities under the Public Trust Doctrine have been ignored.  It seems that litigation that directly confronts PTD allowable activities would be needed for any sort of expansion to be considered by the courts.]

January 2015:  Post Supreme Court Reconsideration Actions


[Synopsis:  Reactions from both sides on next steps in the GR beach access case.  Apparently the next step for Kennebunk is to determine within the courts whether investigations into ocean front property titles and deeds reveal ownership to the low or high water mark.]

[Synopsis:  A letter from the Kennebunk selectemen stating their intention to continue pursuing the rights of the public and of back-lot owners to have access to Goose Rocks beach.  It is impressive that the town remains so steadfastly supportive of community beach access.]

December, 2014:  Goose Rocks Beach Supreme Court Reconsideration Decision

[Synopsis:  The Maine Supreme Court decided on the Goose Rocks Beach case's reconsideration.  Whereas the SC did not re-instate the lower courts decision for a beach-wide prescriptive easement that would allow public access, nor did the expand allowable public beach activities through the Public Trust Doctrine (the SC did not rule on this either way), they at least gave a glimmer of hope to increase access to GR beach by allowing prescriptive easements cases to be brought to court once again on a property-by-property basis.]

June 30, 2014 - “Is This Girl Committing a Crime?”, DownEast Magazine:

[Synopsis:  Article gives a good overview of the murkiness surrounding Maine’s beach access rights. The article focuses on the recent pending beach access dispute at Gooserocks beach in Kennebunkport, but also provides an overview of Maine beach access disputes in the recent and not so recent past including the Moody Beach dispute. At the bottom of the article there is a link to simple descriptions of legal terms in the Maine beach access cases.]

April 9, 2014 – Bangor Daily News:

[Synopsis: Article reporting the Maine Supreme Court proceedings during their reconsideration of the Goose Rocks Beach access case. The ruling in this case could have significant impact to both Moody Beach and all Maine beaches access laws and enforcement.]

March 30, 2014 - “York Explores Options to Preserve Beach Access Rights”,[Synopsis: ]

March 21, 2014 – “Maine Voices: Access to state’s shores shouldn’t depend on whims of private owners”, Portland Press Herald:

[Synopsis: An opinion piece written by the attorney for the Town of Kennebunkport in the Gooserocks Beach case. The article supports the reasons why the public’s beach access rights should not be dependent on the whims of the beachfront property owners.]

12/1/2012- “War for Maine Shores”, Portland Press Herald:

[Synopsis: An article written after the Gooserocks case’s initial ruling in which the community’s rights to beach access were upheld, and which expanded the public right to beach access for the purposes of boogie-boarding, wind-surfing, and jet skiing. The article has a lot of good background information on beach access issues over the years.]