Beach Access Stories

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July 2014:

My wife, 4 year old son, and I went down to Moody Beach from our cottage during low tide. On this particular day we walked down the beach a ways from the beach entrance because our friends were renting a cottage in a different area and we wanted to see them on the beach during the course of the day. We sat ~75 yards in front of the sea wall of an oceanfront.

It was a nice beach day, and my family and I were enjoying the beach. As the day went on, we moved our chairs back a couple times to avoid the in-coming tide. The oceanfront we were in front of had a few people on their lawn (above the sea-wall), but other than an individual occasionally walking by us to go to the water we had no interactions on the beach.

Then at a certain point a women walked down from the lawn and told us that the beach was their private property. I told her my family had owned a cottage behind the Moody Beach and had been coming to the beach for forty-something years. She said that she owned the beach, paid property taxes on it, and asked if I wanted her to call the cops. After some further discussion, I said she could call whoever she wanted and said we would not move.

About 20 minutes later, a police officer showed up and said the owner had called the police.  The officer was basically very polite, but in the end he backed up the owner that it was her private property and they could ask us to leave….. So we left.

As we were leaving, my son asked me why the police officer was talking to me and asked “Did we do something wrong?”….